Many children on the autistic spectrum are challenged going to the dentist with a special needs child; the environment can be daunting!  In the same way, children who have physical disabilities may also experience anxiety when visiting the dentist office.  Visits to the dentist can be noisy, intrusive or restrictive for anyone.  New sights, smells, sounds and emotions can add to the challenge.


We have found that gaining the best possible understanding of the patient is the most critical ingredient for success.  Children on the autistic spectrum are unique individuals, with specific likes, dislikes, and things they will tolerate.  It’s important to spend time with the patient and caregivers, to determine their needs, and establish rapport.  Preventive dental care and maintenance is emphasized so that patients need the least amount of invasive procedures possible.

Physical Disabilities

MDP takes great care to ensure that the highest possible comfort level is achieved for your child.  No matter the exam or treatment, patients will be made comfortable and monitored for their safety.  Treatment decisions are made in consultation with parents, physicians, and our team to ensure that all the patients needs are considered.


We invite you to be present with your child during all of their visits to our practice.