Missoula Pediatric Dentistry is pleased to award one scholarship to one of our High School Seniors. Please review the instructions below to ensure qualification and the submission instructions. You are welcome to complete the application online via our secure, encrypted form, or download, print and submit a paper application.

Application Instructions

Please complete the online application to apply for the Missoula Pediatric Dentistry, PLLC Scholarship and deliver to the office by May 15, 2019.  Late applications will not be accepted.  Recipients will be announced prior in late Spring in time for the 2019 Fall Semester.


  • Must be a patient of record for at least 5 years
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0
  • Must be enrolling in a secondary educational program i.e. University, Trade School, Apprenticeship, etc.
  • 2 letters of recommendation from a teacher, coach, employer or religious leader
  • Must be a High School Senior-only one scholarship per applicant will be awarded
    We look forward to receiving your application!

The Scholarship Review Committee will not know the identity of the applicant during the selection process.

Online Scholarship Application

Please complete the online form below.  Please be thorough with your answers.


We invite you to be present with your child during all of their visits to our practice.